ReGRoW Pilot: Repurposing Grants for the Rest of World
Providing repurposing research grants to clinicians and researchers in low and low-middle income countries to build capacity for research FROM WITHIN the developing world and find treatments FOR the developing world.

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  • The NEED for scientific capacity building and access to medicines is HIGHEST in developing countries, but global R&D investment is focused primarily in the US, Europe, China and Japan

  • The 10/90 Gap: Only 5-10% of all global health research is directed to research on health problems that affect 90% of the world’s population, and only a small portion of this funding actually goes to researchers in developing countries

WorldBank world by income wdi 2017


Provide repurposing research grants to clinicians and researchers in developing countries to:

  • Build capacity for research FROM WITHIN the developing world FOR the developing world

  • Local problems are best solved locally

  • Support retention of scientific talent within developing countries

  • Repurposing drives more treatments to more patients more quickly for unsolved diseases: cost of repurposing clinical trials is significantly lower than traditional clinical trials (10 – 20x less)


Eligible projects will:

  • Serve an unmet medical need in any disease area – ReGRoW is disease-agnostic

  • Use only generic or off-patent drugs or drug-like compounds (including nutraceuticals and indigenous medicines), with current access to the therapy in-country

  • Be human / clinical research projects only

  • Be in English with budget submission in US$; optional video submission

  • Submit using CureAccelerator platform


Eligible research institutions will be “Research Ready”:

  • Institutions based in low and lower-middle income countries (per the World Bank – see image above)

  • Have received previous external, 3rd party clinical research funding (government, NGO, private foundation or private sources)

  • Have an IRB system or equivalent in place

  • Follow WHO’s GLC, GCLP and/or GCP guidelines or equivalent

  • Have past or current experience with human / clinical research


Before Funding Opportunity Request for Proposals Launch

  • Recruitment of research proposal reviewers

  • Adapting CureAccelerator proposal form for ReGRoW submissions

  • Proactive outreach to eligible institutions through non-governmental organizations (NGOs), global health policy university contacts, and others


Goals for Phase 1 of Pilot

  • Engagement of and partnership with not-for-profits (NFPs), NGOs, initiatives and other Access to Medicine efforts already in play

  • Build a committee / pool of scientific reviewers for proposal submissions

  • Launch funding opportunity Requests for Proposals and collect proposal submissions

  • Develop plan / processes for Phase 2 of Pilot

  • Develop a plan / research success metrics for Phase 2 of Pilot


Measuring Success of Phase 1 of Pilot

  • Number of in-country research institutions, health systems, NGOs, etc. engaged

  • Number of proposal submissions received; number of proposal submissions selected for scoring


Not In Scope of Pilot

  • Therapies still under patent or exclusivity anywhere

  • Devices and diagnostics

  • Pre-clinical / animal and retrospective studies

  • Researchers / institutions in upper middle income countries


Post Phase 2 Goals for Future Conversation

  • Aim of future grants: Research outcomes vs capacity building

  • Development of in-country clinical trial offices

  • Capacity-building researcher training

  • Mentorship program with upper income country researchers


Part of Phase 2 of Pilot

  • Anything downstream from research grant approval

  • Success measures specifics related to research results of Phases 1 and 2 of pilot

  • Detailed procedures and logistics for research grant management, such as research timeline delays, post-research patient outreach, etc.

Current Timeline ▼

ReGRoW current timeline march 2019 

ReGRoW Pilot Advisory Committee/Supportive Organizations ▼

Current ReGRoW Pilot Advisory Committee 

in alpha order

Susanne Lemaine, President, Vetter Development Services USA

Tim Mastro, Chief Science Officer, FHI 360

Chris Reddick, Vice President, R&D Patient Access, Takeda Pharmaceuticals

Jeff Sherman, Chief Medical Officer & Executive VP, Development, Manufacturing and Regulatory Affairs, Horizon Pharma plc

Heather Stone, MPH, Health Science Policy Analyst, Clinical Methodologies Group, Office of Medical Policy, Center for Drug Evaluation and Research, U.S. Food and Drug Administration

Kapila Viges, Strategy Insights & Planning – Oncology Group, ZS Associates


Current ReGRoW Pilot Supportive Organizations

in alpha order

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Other Participants to Date

During the various planning sessions held during 2018, stakeholders representing pharma industry, global health policy, pharma services, NGOs, philanthropy and other organizations participated:

• Pharma Industry: Led by Takeda, plus Horizon Pharma, Pfizer, AbbVie, Abbott, Paragon Biosciences

• Global Health Policy: Northwestern University, University of Chicago, University of Illinois at Chicago

• Pharma Services: Vetter Pharma, ZS Associates, FHI 360

• Others: CHAI (Concerned Haitian Americans of Illinois), Advocate Health, Kinship Foundation (Searle Funds at The Chicago Community Trust)


If you have any questions on how to join the ReGRoW Pilot as a Supportive Organization, Grant Reviewer or Eligible Institution, or if you have other questions, please contact Cures Within Reach: 001.847.745.1250 or


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