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Principle Investigator: Dr. Surendra Basti

Disease: Diabetic ophthamology

Research Description: Diabetes patients are susceptible to vision problems, including cataracts. Not only do diabetics tend to develop cataracts earlier in life, but the cataracts also are more severe than in the average patient. Surgery to remove the cataract can be complicated, particularly for diabetics who have small pupils, and individuals with corneal scars and advanced cataracts. Dr. Basti will use an FDA approved device, the Zepto capsulotomy system, in a clinical trial to improve the outcome of cataract surgery for diabetic patients. Results of this project will provide insights into the potential role of the Zepto system in treating both routine and complex cataracts, and will help train surgeons in the use of this system.

CWR funding role: Primary funder

CWR funding partner: Bobby and Lori Miller

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