Dr. Bruce Bloom, May 12, 2012

Bruce E. Bloom

Ashoka, the fellowship of Social Entrepreneurs, held their first Global Summit of the Ashoka Support Network in Miami, FL May 9-11. The Ashoka Support Network (ASN) is an international group of business leaders and philanthropists that volunteer to support the social enterprise work of the 3000+ Ashoka Fellows worldwide. I was elected to the Fellowship in 2010 for the work I do with Partnership for Cures.

I was one of 21 fellows invited to showcase our work at the Global Summit. The ASN members worked with me to find ways to expand the impact of the Partnership for Cures Patient Impact Initiative program. Dr. Peter Mortifee, a physician who co-chairs a foundation in Canada, worked with me on how to find Rediscovery Research projects that could impact patients and provide funding to Partnership for Cures to plow back into future Rediscovery Research.

The Patient Impact Initiative also attracted the attention of other ASN members, including representatives of the pharmaceutical company Boehringer Ingelheim. I also began discussion with another Ashoka Fellow, David Green, about collaborating to create a small pharmaceutical company that could provide ultra low cost repurposed medicines for indigent patients with rare and neglected diseases.

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