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Joining us on the course this year is Alex Moyer, former Miami Dolphins linebacker & founder of CA Gamechangers! CAG is a non-profit organization created to help young student-athletes maximize their academic and athletic experiences and facilitate life transitions to ensure success in life beyond sports. LDOG donations in honor of the golfers listed below will be split 50/50 between Cures Within Reach and CA Gamechangers. 

Golfers for CA Gamechangers

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Jeff Sterling
Willard Evans
Oliver Kupe
Kevin Brown
Rudy Germany
Veletta Moyer
Alex Moyer
Keith Hammond
Bill Mables
Jeff Weaver (Celebrity Golfer)
Hugh Green (Celebrity Golfer)
Wendell Davis (Celebrity Golfer)



What projects will be funded in 2017?


Recipients of fundraising through Alex Moyer & CA Gamechangers:

CHA baseballChicago Hope Academy (CHA) is a coed non-denominational college and life preparatory high school dedicated to nurturing and challenging the whole person - body, mind and spirit. CHA offers a challenging preparatory curriculum, gifted teachers who encourage and mentor students, small class sizes (average of 12 students per class), and solid athletic programs that teach the value of teamwork, discipline, sacrifice, sportsmanship and preservation.

Partnering with CAG will result in identifying and financially assisting young student athletes to attend this school along with providing specific programing for student athletes at the school.



Hoop teamHoops Avenue Athletics, HAA Elite’s program has consistently prepared some of the best basketball players in the Mid-West through innovative clinics, one on one coaching, impactful training camps, and mentorship. It noticed a dire need for mentorship within the community of Evanston and its surrounding areas for young men. To that end, HAA Elite prides itself on teaching not only skills needed for the game, but also the lessons needed for life, character development, leadership accountability and team work. Its vision is to relentlessly guide the community’s youth toward success with the ultimate goal being to ensure that kids win both on and off the court.

Partnering with CAG will impact game time programming by addressing academic and social skills support and postgame programming by engaging collegiate athletes in mentorship.

Click here for details about CAG programming 


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