Larry Sklar PicDepartment of Pathology, University of New Mexico

Larry (Ph.D., Physical Chemistry, Stanford U.) is PI and Director of both the University of New Mexico Center for Molecular Discovery (CMD) and the Chemical Biology Consortium Center for the NCI Experimental Therapeutics Program, as well as Co-PI of the NIH Illuminating the Druggable Genome Initiative. He is Regents Professor of Pathology, Distinguished University Professor, Maralyn S. Budke and Robert E. Anderson Endowed Chair in Cancer Drug Discovery in the NCI Designated University of New Mexico Cancer Center, and leader of a national drug repurposing network for the Clinical and Translational Science Center (CTSC) Consortium.

He has >400 publications and patents in leukocyte biology, molecular assembly in signal transduction and cell adhesion, as well as high throughput flow cytometry for drug discovery and repurposing leading to clinical trials. He is co-inventor of the HyperCyt high throughput flow cytometry platform and co-founder of the Albuquerque startup Intellicyt which licensed the technology and was recently acquired by Sartorius. He has made intellectual property contributions to several biotech and startup companies.

Sklar has experience in leukocyte biology (36 years), small molecule discovery and drug repurposing (12 years primarily in the NIH Molecular Libraries Program), high throughput flow cytometry (18 years as inventor including 36 patents and company founder), and management of technology (34 years in shared resources, as well as program management, translational technology, and related leadership positions in support of the UNM CTSC, UNM Environmental Health Center, UNM Comprehensive Cancer Center and the program in Cancer Therapeutics. CMD has completed large screens on more than 60 targets and uploaded more than 13 million data points to PubChem. The unique suspension cell and molecular target technology has enabled multiplex and multi-parameter target analysis that includes integrins, efflux transporters, GPCR, and protein assemblies, and leukemia/cancer stem cell microenvironment. Sklar has mentored more than 50 trainees at all levels including faculty and students.

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