Takeda 59403 Allikmets webVP, Head of TAK-079 Group, Takeda Pharmaceuticals

Kristina Allikmets has been working for Takeda Pharmaceuticals for six years, she's a Vice President and has been holding various leadership roles in the R&D organization. She has broad experience in clinical drug development and taking compounds through registration process in different therapy areas. She established Takeda R&D Patient Outreach team and led it for several years, building the strategy and processes for how to engage patients during drug development and to ensure that the innovative medicines could make a meaningful difference to patients’ lives in the communities we serve around the world. Recently, she took on a new role as “chief executive” of a “spin-in” company within Takeda R&D, to take one of Takeda’s compounds through experimental phase of development following a new working model. Before joining Takeda, Kristina worked for eight years for Nycomed Pharma, leading clinical science teams in different therapy areas and later serving as a Chief Medical Officer for several years. Kristina has an MD and PhD from University of Tartu, Estonia, she’s trained as cardiologist and internal medicine specialist and worked in academic clinical medicine for almost 15 years before joining pharmaceutical industry. She has strong international experience, having lived and worked in different European countries (Estonia, Russia, Austria, Denmark, Switzerland), she moved to the US in 2015 and is currently based in Boston, MA.

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