• Persis Edwin, MD

    Persis Edwyn

    Persis Edwin is a physician who believes in holistic values where mind and body connect. She emphasizes the mind body connection as a reflection of emotional, spiritual, physical and mental wellness. Currently, she is discovering new career paths in addition to clinical care and volunteers at Basic Training Academy as needed in a consultant role and is actively involved in networking groups which facilitate career progress.


  • Brian Dayton, PhD

    B Dayton headshot


    Dr. Brian Dayton is a Senior Research Manager and Drug Discovery and Development Professional specializing in new product development.  He is an accomplished author of peer-reviewed publications and presentations, as well as patents and regulatory submissions.  He is actively involved with Chicago Innovation Mentors, consulting with university-based and local new technology innovation ventures to nurture long term growth in Chicago-based entrepreneurship, innovation and commercialization. 


  • Mitchell Seymour, PhD, RAC

    Seymour head shot


    Also a member of CWR's Science Advisory Board, Dr. Seymour is a regulatory professional, is the founder and director of R&D Advisors LLC, and is research faculty at the University of Michigan Health System. At the university, he assists academic researchers with their FDA-related regulatory submissions and obligations and is a member of their IRB (Institutional Review Board).



  • Teresa McNally, PhD

    TMheadshotEducated in her native Scotland, Teresa moved to the Chicago area  more than 20 years ago to work in biomedical research with a local company.  During her successful career in both Diagnostics and Pharmaceutical Drug Discovery, she has authored multiple research papers, patents, presentations, and has performed collaborative research worldwide, most recently in Japan.  She has a longstanding interest in drug repurposing from a research perspective and is fascinated by the molecular mechanisms that underlie human disease.  She is currently exploring a new career in Medical Communications.

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